Dogs Make My Life Wonderful :-))))



By Christian

If there is one thing I can count on, it is the loyalty and companionship of a dog.            

I have been in the company of dogs for virtually all my life, and will probably keep them in my company all the rest of it.  They show me what it means to live, to seize the moment for all that it is and make the very most of it.

Dogs are my definition of life and happiness, honor and companionship.  Frankly, I understand dogs far better than I understand most people, and find far more joy in their company.  A dog is everything I wish I could be and more, though they certainly have their quirks and annoying tendencies just like people.

Gus is a three-legged Australian Blue Heeler.  Though not nearly as young as he once was, he still manages to retain an air of dignity and pride.  I can remember him in his younger days, even after the accident that eventually cost him his leg, running like the wind after the cows he was born and raised to herd and guide.  Now, he can barely walk, and is fat and round as a barrel.  No matter how bad his hip becomes, he still tries his best to keep up with his younger companions.

Honey is a chubby yellow Lab, whose hair has as much red in it as yellow.  She is chubby, but one would never know it what with the way she moves.  She is my dog, and yet not my dog, as she belongs to everyone equally.  I trained her myself, largely with candy corn.  She has a submissive personality, and often stays in the shadow of the youngest dog, but she is always eager for attention.  While Gus and Mo, the other dog, are dominant and make their wishes known quite actively, Honey is far more subtle about it.  Her favorite way of asking for attention is leaning her entire body against my legs so that they are pinned in place, forcing me to acknowledge her presence and pet whatever part of her body she is showing me.  Like all Labs, she is most in her element in the water, and has been known to break through ice for the chance to swim in the frigid waters of the creek out front.  During the summer, she sometimes spends most of the day in the water, coming out only to shake it off all over the nearest human as if to share the fun.  Her favorite activity, one that she would play every hour of every day if she could, involves one of us throwing a stick, usually ten feet long and a foot around, into the water for her to catch and bring back.  Most of her sticks look more like logs or young saplings than sticks, but she still expects us to throw them far enough to give her the running start she needs to dive into the water at full speed, swimming with broad and powerful strokes to the other side and grasping the half tree in her immensely strong jaws.

Mo is the youngest and latest addition to the fold, and has more personality than most humans.  He somehow conveys an air of submissive dominance, easily cowed but ever ready to stand up for whatever he wants and bug the hell out of anyone he can find to provide it.  When he is not sleeping or trying to pick a fight with Gus, he is bugging someone for something.  He prefers to sleep in bed with the people, preferably stretched out long and thin between two people, or myself and Honey in some cases.  He is long and lanky, so he can squeeze into parts of the bed that Gus and Honey can only dream about.  Biscuits are by far his favorite food, and his favorite biscuits are the tiny ones that cost the most money.  If given the chance, he would willingly consume dozens of them.  He prefers to be fed by hand, but will gladly chase them across the house if I throw them for him.  He usually bugs for biscuits by smashing his nose into whatever part of my body he can reach, and crawling between my legs and tripping me up until I go to where the biscuits are.  If none of these invasive tactics works, he will stare at me and bark at the top of his lungs, which usually does the trick.

These three dogs make up an indispensable trio that makes my life complete.  They keep me sane and drive me nuts at the same time, and I love them for it.  Dogs can teach us many things, but they have taught me to take each moment for what it is and to keep my focus on the little things.


The best part of life is when your family becomes your friends, and your friends become your family. -Danica Whitfield



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